The Disappointing Church

I am writing a book titled the disappointing church. I am looking for people stories and thoughts about the local church. I am a pastor at a church and have served for the past 13 years. I have been in large churches and smaller churches. I have been the senior pastor and served mega church pastors.

I am looking for a now holds bar view points of the local church. Some will be upset that I am writing this book and others will become defensive about the content.

But I know that the church is not as effective as the people in the church believe it to be. So share your stories…your hurts…your concerns…this is for you…

If you post something that i find interesting I will email you to gain permission to include it in a the book.

Also if it is postive stories share that as well…this is a very clear look at the good, bad, and ugly part of the church…it is coming from an insider…one who has lived in the inner circles of some large church and seen it all. Trust me…it will open some eyes and tick others off…I will look at the personalities of pastors, how churches are ran, and why we are unable to make what we preach a reality…

See this as a wake up call for the local church…if there is something you would like to say to Christians…then this is the page…

I would ask for comments and not hate, or cursing…that wont make it on this page…

So here we go…day one of me writing The Disappointing Church…


One Response to “The Disappointing Church”

  1. Hi –
    I came across your blog today and I know that I’m not the only one who knows LOTS of people who have been hurt by “the church.” I think that as long as you’re still in love with Jesus and have hope for his people (and you’re not bitter!), this book could be a blessing to people. The Holy Spirit prompts people to speak the truth – both when it is joyful AND when it is a hard truth. (Just look at when Simeon meets the baby Jesus, for an example of both.)
    I’ve also worked in big churches, small ones, liberal ones, conservative ones, so I know of what you speak. Let God use you to do whatever he wants. . .
    Also – have you read Barbara Brown Taylor’s book “Leaving the Church?” If not, I recommend it highly, she’s a great writer and super honest about her life in church leadership.
    Blessings to you.

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