The disappointing church…prologue

How can an organization that claims to be the ambassador of the creator of the heavens and earth become so ineffective at a global level? How can an organization that claims to be the ambassador of the one who created life lose so much influence over time? How can an institution that claims to be the ambassador of the one who is intimately involved in His creation be so divided? How can an organization that claims to be the ambassador of the one and only true God create such a disappointing church?

It would seem that the only people who haven’t figured out that they have lost influence in the world would be those that claim to be such ambassadors. At a surface level it would seem that the church has chosen to close itself off. It would seem that the church has created its very own bubble of self denial and smugness.

I have lived and worked in the church for 14 years and during that time my eyes have been opened to a world that I never knew existed. I have experienced and seen things in the local church that would make your stomach turn. I have heard and witnessed things in the “bride of Christ” that would cause any rabid fan to run away. I have seen people hurt, lives destroyed, people crushed, and arrogance abound. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of the local church and let me say, there are reasons why the church has become disappointing to so many.

Because of my experience I have decided to write a book. If you are wondering which way this book will go, let me say up front I don’t know. This book is going to be an accumulation of the stories I hear about from people commenting on my Blog, my own experience as a pastor, and those who I have worked with in the past. The end result will be interesting to say the least. I plan on taking everything I have experienced and write about it.

I have seen to many people turned away from the church to remain silent. I have heard too many sermons of sincere pastor’s talk about changing the world with no real impact. I have read too many reports of how the church has lost influence in our world and seen to many variations of worship and practice of religion that the church ignores.

 It would seem that the entire world has moved on leaving the church behind, and what is sad, is that everyone knows it except for the local church. We have lost our right to be a viable option to those who are hurting and broken. We are a joke to the younger generation, and we have taken ownership of something that belongs to God.

I am not an atheist or one who thinks the church is dead or forever washed up. I am someone who has lived in the church world for the past 14 years and finally came to the conclusion that we are unable to accomplish what we claim. We are unable to translate what we believe into a reality.

I can not imagine too many pastors picking this up and reading it. For one reason, pastors could never be that honest with themselves. We are called to motivate and inspire people to action. We have to believe what we preach or we would all be writing this book. To be honest, if for one instant we verbalized what I am going to share in this book we would lose our jobs and be completely ousted from our congregation. We have worked way to hard to risk reputation and pension for the sake of being brutally honest. And for some they would say I am completely wrong and lost my mind. I’m sure that some will be praying that God would change my mind and bring me back to a place of sanity.

I also can not imagine myself writing this book because I feel like a traitor. I feel like I am turning my back on the one thing I have loved for so long. I have lived in a false reality for so long that it is like walls crashing down around me with the realization that the Church is not what it claims and promotes itself to be.

I am not saying that pastors are feeding us with lies and false hood. I’m not saying that pastors know what they are saying is false. I am not saying that the church doesn’t change people’s lives and doesn’t do an incredible amount of good. What I am saying is that the church has fallen short of accomplishing the mission God has called it to.

What makes this book different is that it is written by someone who has been in the inner circles and on staff of several churches. Some large and some small. What this book is a wake up call to the local church.

That is the opening to my new book The Disappointing Church. If you want to respond then visit our blog, The Disappointing Church.


One Response to “The disappointing church…prologue”

  1. I don’t think you could be called a ‘traitor’ for feeling what you do and wanting to write such a book. Your experiences are not unique, and what you might do is give a lot of other Christians hope where they have experienced the same as you, by realizing they are not alone in being dissolussioned or disgusted with what they have experience. Many people turn away from Christianity because they see these ‘stomach turning’ things too, but have no other experience to show them that there is another side too. People need to stand up to what is wrong in the modern popular Christian church. Maybe it’s time for people like yourself to break away from these ‘false’ churches and establish communities of congregations, new churches if you like, which practice true Christianity which is based on compassion, caring, understanding, truth. I for one will certainly visit your other blog:)

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